Rainmaker FAQ


Q: How fast can you generate a quote?

A: Within minutes! Rainmaker brings the knowledge of your production and sales teams into one easy-to-use solution.  Using multiple levels of compatibility rules, the solution can handle unlimited constraints, pairing and information for your team to build an accurate quote at a fraction of the time.


Q: Does it have to be integrated with my ERP / CRM?

A: No, with Rainmaker you can build the compatibility rules for the quotes without the need for integration.  That said, if you would like to integrate Rainmaker with your current systems, our team will ensure it is seamless and automatic.  Rainmaker can pull your parts and labor from your ERP into the Quote Configurator, and can push a sold Quote to your ____.  The solution is built for what works best for your team, no matter the systems you are currently using.


Q: What does Rainmaker do?

A: Rainmaker brings together the rich knowledge in your production and sales teams into one solution to build complex quotes within minutes.  Instead of needing to pull together a team of people to build quotes, Rainmaker has the information it needs to build an accurate quote in minutes. All of the rules your current sales team uses to build a quote – from what can or cannot work with other components to specific margins for a customer – are built into Rainmaker.


Q: How long does it take to implement?

A: On average, it takes 3 – 5 weeks for implementation.  The time for implementation depends on the complexity of your product and the systems integration needs.  Your team will have the opportunity to test the solution before it goes live to ensure implementation is smooth.


Q: How is it licensed?

A: As a purchase software, it is installed and managed inside the customer’s network.  Or, it can be accessed via the web as a subscription, SAAS-based solution delivered by iTeres Group.


Q: What does it interface with?

A:  Rainmaker not only leverages your current systems (ERP, CRM and CAD) but also interfaces with programs you use everyday – Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF.  Once a quote is created, users can view and send the quote with Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Rainmaker is available in a regular and Pro version depending on the complexity of your product.  We will work with your team to find the best version and license model (monthly or perpetual) to fit your needs.  Contact us today for more specific pricing information.


Q: Web-based? Can I use it on my tablet?

A: Yes! Rainmaker is a web-based program built with HTML5, therefore you can access it from any web-based browser, including those on a tablet.


Q: How many active Users will it support at the same time?

A: The solution is built on MS SQL Enterprise and .NET solutions that can support even the largest of teams.


Q: What if I need to add a new item (part number) that is not in our database?

A: An “Ad-hoc” item can be added during the process however it must be updated in your ERP system as soon as possible.


Q: How long does it take to learn how to use Rainmaker?

A: Rainmaker is very intuitive, a person with a little knowledge of the manufactured product will learn quickly.


Q: Will Quotes generated have my company Logo on them?

A: Yes, your Logo, and contact information along with your Terms and Conditions along with any other required information can be placed on the documents.


Q: Can line items be suppressed and not printed on the final Quote?

A: Yes, the print process currently provides print options such as this.


Q: If I have multiple locations and/or sales people, can I keep them from seeing each others quotes?

A: Yes, through a role based security model.  For example: each salesperson can only see their own quotes, their sales manager can see all of his people’s quotes, etc…


Q: Can each location or salesperson have different margins?

A: Yes.  There are several levels at which pricing and margin enforcement can be controlled.


Q: Is a “history” of quotes kept in the system?

A: Yes, a previous quote can be looked at in the original format any time.


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