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Client’s Business Scenario:

Client implemented SAP IS-Utilities and had developed a set of ABAP programs to generate documents for customer communication. The program complexities required to account for all of the potential customer account permutations resulted in inaccurate and unpredictable results. A cost effective solution was needed to replace the custom ABAP programs.


iTeres implemented Composer and Composer Workflow Mgmt which entailed ~100 standard Templates, 12 workflows, and the required integration services. Solution includes integration to both SAP ECC and SAP CRM utilizing the SAP .NET connector for web services.

Impact and Results:

  • Composer solution was fully implemented and staff trained to support the customer care operations.
  • Using Composer automated processes and Smart Templates, client was able to reduce average time required to complete and send customer documents from 15 minutes to 30 seconds.  Increased productivity enable client to re-task existing resources to take-on higher value activities related to customer support and process optimization.
  • New agents require less than two hours of training to use Composer effectively reducing training costs and increasing staffing flexibility.
  • Prior to implementing Composer, client experienced significant customer complaints about incorrect and inaccurate communications.   Since implementing Composer, client has seen the number of complaints for document related problems drop by 80%.

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