Doc•o•logy: The science of complex transactions to written communication.

Docology is the result of years of studying how documents are developed, used and filed/stored.  This ongoing study has revealed that there is truly a science behind managing documents in every phase within any enterprise system.  When Docology is applied, document lifecycle management becomes easy, carefree, clear and organized.  Docology is a comprehensive collection of all of the best-known document and record management methods used to solve even the most complex documentation issues.

Tests have shown that the principles of Docology have reduced costs by more than 95% over traditional document and record control methods. This savings allows companies to use newly found time and money on other initiatives in order to be more competitive.

For example, think about how much time you spend on searching for an electronic form, filling it in correctly, reviewing it, printing it, making copies, filing it, and sending it along to someone else so they can do something with it. How long does this take you, five to ten minutes, even days? With Docology applied to a process like this, you can be done and on to the next part of you day in as little as 20 seconds. What’s more is that it will be done right every time with Docology.

Every aspect of document management has been studied to package the best know practices into Docology. But that’s not all Docology is. Docology is:

  • The detective that find your document in the most chaotic environment.
  • The auditor that fact checks your documents to ensure they are complete and right every time.
  • The librarian who takes you documents and files them away in the right place every time, right now.
  • The courier who delivers your documents how you want them, to whom you want, when you want.
  • The sorcerer who makes all of your document and records issues simply disappear so you can focus on the important aspects of your business.

Because the science of Docology is always evolving, iTeres Group (the founding partners of Docology) maintain the most current principles through its web-based products powered by Docology. This keeps you on the cutting edge of document management without ever thinking about it.

Docology principles give you peace of mind, while keeping your document and record management system out of mind.

Docology Core Beliefs

The Docology core beliefs are the foundation of how to turn complex transactions to written communications.  We believe:

–       There is a tremendous value to streamlining any workflow in any organization.

–       The conversation of data to communications should be logical and easy.

–       Consistent branding in all internal and external communications is essential.

–       There are always solutions to improve inner office communication.

–       Software programs need to have targeted content.

–       Software solutions need to be click/selection driven versus basic data entry.

–       Reports must reflect not just data, but activity and trends.

–       It should be easy to access and view data needed.

–       Everyone involved should enjoy the process.

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