Composer, powered by Docology, allows you to easily create and modify documents, templates and reports into professional communications while using tools you already have (ERP system, CRM, Microsoft Office, etc).

Composer allows you to easily create and modify documents, templates and reports into professional communications. Leveraging the latest Microsoft .NET technology allows you to get additional value from your existing solutions (ERP system, CRM, Microsoft Office, etc).  Seamless integration with multiple systems allows a user to gather data from multiple places and deliver it within a single communication to the customer.  Fast retrieval and viewing makes the most of the stored communications on a go forward basis to support customer service processes.

Finally there is a solution to streamline every process and workflow in your office — from developing sales proposals to interacting with customers through your customer service department.  View case studies from Peoples Natural Gas and a Utility District Company.


Communicate Better.

Composer creates a standardized business process for your department by going directly to where the action is.  Through the Composer platform, users can eliminate duplication and unnecessary steps to get only the document and information they need.

Respond Faster.

With just a few clicks, users quickly search and find templates approved by management, populate the template with accurate information and process a document ready to save, send and/or store on your desired system platform… within seconds.

Work Smarter.

Composer automates the time-consuming composition of documents while supporting rule-based business logic for generating document content.  Your management team gets real-time data and metrics on the documents and user activity, giving you the ability to pull useful reports anytime.  Your document composition truly becomes a measurable process in your organization. Document management will be a measurable process for your organization; providing key performance indicators on customer behavioral trends, employee proficiency and document impact.


Peoples Natural Gas Case Study

Utility District Cast Study


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