Composer FAQ

Q: How fast can you generate a letter?

A: Within seconds!


Q: How do you update boilerplate information for correspondence, such as company address or customer service hours?

A: Composer administrators can easily change boilerplate information through the configuration manager. What makes Composer unique is that once the information is updated in the master templates parameters, all templates are updated instantaneously moving forward.  You only need to update information one time to update an unlimited amount of documents.


Q: Does it have to be integrated with my ERP / CRM?

A: No. While Composer easily leverages data from systems such as SAP, Oracle and MAS, it is not necessary to have these systems to experience the benefits of Composer.  You can create letters and forms by using supplemental data to ensure all information is consistent throughout each document.


Q: How long does it take to implement?

A: On average, it takes 3 – 5 weeks for implementation.  The time for implementation depends on the complexity of your workflows and the systems integration needs.  Your team will have the opportunity to test the solution before it goes live to ensure implementation is smooth.


Q: How is it licensed?

A: As a purchase software, it is installed and managed inside the customer’s network.  Or, it can be accessed via the web as a subscription, SAAS-based solution delivered by iTeres Group.


Q: What does it interface with?

A: Composer leverages your current systems (ERP and/or CRM) as well as programs you use everyday – Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Composer pricing is based on the amount of users and number of specific workflows needed to setup the solution.  We will work with your team to find the best version and license model (monthly or perpetual) to fit your needs.  Contact us today for more specific pricing information.


Q: Web-based? Can I use it on my tablet?

A: Yes.  Composer requires MS Office to be installed, so only MS based tablets are supported currently.


Q: How many active users will it support at the same time?

 A: Composer is highly scalable with current installs supporting hundreds of users.


Q: How do I add a new template?

A: Composer administrators can easily create a new template using MS Word and then using the Administration Toolkit to validate and check-in the new template.


Q: How long does it take to learn how to use Composer?

 A: Composer is very intuitive …. users familiar with basic Microsoft knowledge can quickly learn how to use Composer in 15 minutes or less.  Administrators usually need 2 days of training to learn how to manage user access, edit / add templates and view management reporting.


Q: If I have multiple users and/or departments, can I keep them from seeing each others‘ documents?

 A: Yes, through Active Directory and the internal role based security.


Q: Is a “history” of correspondence kept in the system?

A: Yes, all completed documents are stored and made available through the document viewer.


Q: Are there case studies about companies that have used Composer?

A: Yes, please click here to view a case study from Peoples Natural Gas and here to view a case study from a Gas & Utility District.

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